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Hi! I’m Ahlia Biondi, thank you for visiting my website!!

Before I share about myself, I first want to connect with regards to the current Pandemic on our planet: Corona Virus.  This is impacting ALL OF US to some degree and although we are physically apart, there are plenty of ways that we can come together at this time to support, encourage, and impact one another.  Being of service to you is something I’m passionate about and is one of my core values.  So with that said, for the first time ever, I’m offering my yoga classes, mentorships, and coaching services at a sliding scale or by donation during this time of need.  As of March 25th, 2020.  


To Schedule – Visit My Calendly


Here is a list of the sliding scale / donation based services I am offering for a limited time: 


~Wellness Coaching: It is paramount that we maximize and maintain immune system function.  If you’re looking to detoxify, improve digestion, maximize your immune system and experience more wellness – please reach out to me for sliding scale and donation based Wellness Coaching.


~Yoga Teacher Mentorship: Yoga teachers who are looking to put their classes online, elevate sequencing, cues, transitions, alignment and theming – now is the time to mentor with me at a sliding scale.  


~Personal/Business Coaching: Ready to take your business to the next level? Or need to speak with regards to your personal life experiences? Utilize my services during this time and let me be a support system as you navigate the confusing waters of the time.  


~Yoga Classes (Online): Given the orders to stay in place, it is essential to keep your body moving to stay healthy and feel well.  I offer online streaming classes for the community and can work with you one-on-one at this time via Zoom or FaceTime.  Are there specific poses or areas of your body you want to focus on? Connect with me for this special offer of sliding scale / donation based private yoga classes.


Email: Ahlia@ahliayoga.com 


You may know me from my group yoga classes and spin classes in Encinitas, Rancho Santa Fe, Cardiff, La Costa, Carlsbad, and Oceanside – California!! Or perhaps you have gone on retreat with me some amazing tropical place in the world… or if by chance we’ve yet to meet – then I hope to meet in real life one day…

One thing that really ignites and inspires me is authentic connection with people.  I love my students because they show up 100% on their mat.  The amazing individuals who take my classes are huge inspiration for me, and many have seen me through a lot of transitions and transformations in life.

To begin with a little bit about me – you should know that I wasn’t always this bubbly or excited about life.  In fact, I grew up with a ton of fear inside of me and it caused anxiety and constant worrying.  For as long as I can remember I have had troubles sleeping… I found yoga in high school, before I could drive, at the local LA Fitness.  I would go on Monday evenings for a 75 minute vinyasa class and it was the one night a week that I could count on a good night’s sleep.

As a young adult I made a conscious decision to live fearlessly. I wanted to live a life where fear did not hold me back.  I started traveling alone to places like Costa Rica, Hawaii, and Indonesia.  I grew dreadlocks, walked around barefoot, and would even ride my skate board barefoot throughout Encinitas, much to my parents’ dismay. For me, it was about getting grounded, but I continued to have anxiety and sleep issues into adulthood.stokedfalcon

I found tandem surfing (actually… it found me) in 2013 and turned pro within a year.  In 2014 my teammate and I were ranked 8th in the world, and in 2015 we were ranked 5th.  Tandem surfing was an incredibly healing sport that helped me conquer a lot of residual fear and learn to trust on a deep level.

I had a traumatic brain injury at the end of 2015 when I suffered a concussion after the World Championship Tandem Surfing Contest in Makaha, HI.  I also no longer made weight with my teammate due to an infection in my small intestine.  My doctors told me that I would not get better unless I stopped training and competing and started resting more.  I was told to down-regulate my nervous system in order to heal.  I have turned to more meditation and restorative practices and am still on a healing journey.

I had surgery at then end of 2018 on my small intestines.  A CT scan found Intussusception (a partial blockage of the small intestine that can become life threatening) that required surgery to remove.  I went into surgery planning on being in the hospital for 3-5 days, however when I woke up in the recovery room instead of a hospital room and was told I would be able to go home that evening, I was shocked.  The surgeon did not find intussusception and although I was relieved to not have an invasive surgery and long road to recovery, I was also disappointed because of the amount of suffering I’ve had with digestive problems since I was in high school.

I continue to have digestive issues daily.  Not many people know this about me, because I try very hard to not let it hold me back from experiencing life to the fullest!  My goal is to live an adventurous life where I can meet and connect with people around the world, and uplift / inspire the lives of those I encounter every day.  However, I do cook and prepare all my own meals, even when I travel, because I currently cannot tolerate onions, garlic, bell pepper, (nightshades), corn, soy, most dairy, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, gluten, quinoa, etc. I’m very diligent with what I eat and am learning to be more diligent with how I eat as well.  When I sleep well and manage anxiety I feel my best.

I love my students and also feel loved by them, which is an amazing experience because teaching is my job but it is also my passion.  I love everything from group classes to mentoring yoga teachers to working one-on-one with people on their specific goals and needs.  I love leading teacher trainings and global as well as local retreats.  I enjoy offering workshops and collaborating with others.  The more positive energy, connection, and uplifting I can participate in – the more fulfilled I feel.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and get to know me a little bit better.  I’m an open book but I don’t often share my story unless I’m asked, so if there’s anything more you’d like to know about me – please do not hesitate to ask!  I’d also love to learn more about you – if you’d like please email me ahlia@ahliayoga.com and let me know how you found my website and what uplifts and inspires you.  Authentic connection is one way to make the world a better place and it begins with me and with you.  Light within me honors and reflects the beautiful bright Divine light inside of you and all things.


Are you a yoga teacher? Click here and join Ahlia’s facebook group: Elevating Yoga Teachers for online workshops, coaching, and live focus groups in Encinitas, CA

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(Sunshine Yoga)
Classes are being held once or twice a week in Encinitas (usually Wednesdays 4:30-5:30pm at Encinitas Viewpoint Park) – If you don’t have Facebook, feel free to email ahlia@ahliayoga.com for an up-to-date schedule.

Ahlia is registered as E-RYT 200 and with her credentials, knowledge, and experience created a copy written 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Accredited Teacher Training which is available to be licensed by Yoga Studios.
Ahlia is also available as a consultant for your Yoga Business and will help studio owners create a
RYS (Registered Yoga School through Yoga Alliance) for this 200 Hour Teacher Training curriculum.

E-RYT200 ID 49312     RYS 200 ID 182765
Ahlia was the top half of Tandem Team North County, they were ranked #5 in the World in 2015.

Additional Tandem Surf Videos:
Tandem November 2014
Tandem August 2014


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