Are you a yoga practitioner who is interested in diving deeper into what it means to be a yogi?  Are you yearning to learn more, but do not want to become a yoga teacher?

The YES Portal is designed to help yoga students deepen their yoga practice.  Yoga Asana (the physical postures we practice and believe to be yoga today) is just one aspect of the traditional yogic path.  Yoga Asana can be thought of like a mere finger in relationship to the whole body unit that is Yoga.

Traditionally, in India, Yoga Asana was practiced for an extended period of time by monks who were preparing for an even longer amount of time in seated stillness and meditation.  Before one meditated (for hours or days without stopping), there was a preparatory practice that included how one relates and treats themselves, how one relates and treats others, breath work, and movement of the body.  To learn more, dive deep with me in with YES (Yogi Elevating Series)!! To enroll, email for the password to this portal.
Price is $29.99 for one month of unlimited access!